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I am Jacqueline Mengering, the owner and creator at 1968 Soap Co.  I have always been a maker and now I combine two of my favourite skills into a small business I love. I have been a Potter for more than twenty years. Pottery is an art that is both therapeutic and always evolving. I continue every day to learn more about the art and myself and love the entire process.

My other passion is to create skincare that is natural and without harsh chemicals. I only make products that we are comfortable using on ourselves and our children. I am dedicated to making safe, gentle skincare products that are well priced and affordable for everyone. I love to create cold-pressed soap made with olive oil and coconut oil and only coloured with natural sources. These handmade bars of soap are paraben and dye free and great for your whole family.  

If you are looking for a unique piece of pottery,  my pottery is made with small handmade touches including some cool Saskie Mugs that are all one of a kind in their uniqueness. I also create more functional pottery, jewelry, and great little soap dishes for my handmade soap.  

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What people are saying:

Your soap is the best!!  I’ll never go back to store bought liquids or bars.

Smells absolutely wonderful, my husband loves the scent as well!

Exactly what I hoped for, awesome customer service. The mugs are beautiful!

Amazing mugs! My daughters love them. I am looking forward to purchasing more items, great service!

These are the best!!! Could not be more happy with my order. I LOVE them.  A perfect transaction, this seller is just AWESOME!

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