Our Fav Mommy Bloggers and Influencers in Saskatoon

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We love that as mamas and as women, we can have our own style, opinions, personalities and dreams. One thing is for sure, the Mommy bloggers and influencers in Saskatoon are full of different flavours and we so enjoy following their journey’s. We wanted to introduce you to some of the mamas we have been following along with for a while now:

ErikaAnne (@erika.aanne)

Hey friends! My name is Erika, I’m 28, wife to Nic, and mama to Nate (4) Bea (2.5) and Theo (7 months). We farm just outside of Saskatoon and enjoy small town living. I am a small business owner which includes lash artistry and a small ice cream shop that I run through spring and summer. On my Instagram page you will find photos of family life, home decor, food, fashion and products that I love and use! Please feel free to follow along with me as I go through this crazy life!




Brooke (@brookebullochrd)

Brooke is a Dietitian & CEO @foodtofit_nutrition where she’s an advocate for body acceptance, fat acceptance, and finding your best health (including having healthy relationships with food, movement, and your body) regardless of size. Brooke is a Mum to little Fletcher who recently turned one! She is often in the kitchen guiding us mamas on how to introduce solids to your baby, and giving us tips on what kind of meals and snacks to prepare for your growing toddler. You’ll find her debunking myths about weight loss dieting and sharing #realtalk lifestyle and mom moments. We love how genuine and gentle she is, and we’ve enjoyed getting to know this mama online.




Danielle (@danielle.nico1e)

We so enjoy following this Mama! She is real about her motherhood journey, she’s a true small shop supporter and ambassador for many of our local businesses, and she’s an amazing Mum to her two littles – Emma and Brielle. She is also super busy as she works as a hairdresser, and generates such beautiful content for all of us to enjoy, all while often solo parenting when her partner is away for work. Her insta feed is absolutely gorgeous and you can tell this mama is a girl mama all the way! For a peek into her life, be sure to follow along with Danielle and her girls.




Erin (@thewritingmommalife)

Meet Erin! She’s a Saskie gal who gives us a glimpse into her every day life, where she tries to fill her world with moments of gratitude. In her words, she posts about the good, the bad, the boring and the awesome, and we love following along while this mama to Anthony experiences her motherhood journey. She believes in #realtalk, mom support and finding your village; and writing, travel, coffee and wine are some of her favourite things.

Erin has a blog ((https://thewritingmommaca.wordpress.com) where she writes about everything – from her travel experiences, toddler craft ideas and activities, to ditching the mom guilt, her thoughts on screen time and being real in motherhood. Go show this mama some support!




Jen (@jenboyko)

Jen is a Mama to beautiful Ava, and her instagram feed gives us all the feels. She is an ambassador over at @cravingsmbk and we always look forward to her weekly takeovers. She is a part time working Mama, and one of the fabulous Mommy Blogger’s of Babies, Besties & Bubbly (www.babiesbestiesandbubbly.com), where she shares on topics like travelling with kids, hosting a baby shower, self care, bedroom design and reveals, organising your home, fashion and so much more! Join her family’s every day adventures and travelling escapades!




Jordan (@mrs.j.westgard)

Hello! My name is Jordan and I spend the majority of my time chasing my sassy-pants daughter, Blake. My life is raw, unfiltered and definitely not staged! If you’re looking for a fellow mama who just tries to ‘fake it ’til you make it’, then I’m your gal.

If motherhood has taught me anything, it’s that it TAKES.A.VILLAGE! Sometimes that means asking family and friends for help, sometimes it means being part of a local mommy community like Ask Mum, with a huge variety of resources at your fingertips!

Follow along for an insider view of the world’s most terrible temper tantrums, coping with PPD and PPA, and seeing just how many mini eggs a person can actually eat in one lifetime. Hang in there, mamas, we got this!




Julie (@kennedy_household)

Hey fellow mamas! I’m Julie and I am a born and raised Saskatoon gal. I’ve been married for almost 14 years and we have 3 beautiful boys. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be a boy mom. Yet here I am and I know it’s exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m loving every minute of it.

We began a journey of health & wellness 4 years ago when one of our boys got incredibly sick. What I didn’t realize when we started this process of healing him that it would take us on an incredible journey. Meeting fabulous women through social media. Creating friendships because like minded mamas met up for coffee. Being able to empower moms. Witnessing them become their strongest most confident selves. I love being able to support and uplift fellow moms. We need the biggest tribe that we can have.

Being on social media has given me the opportunity to meet some pretty incredible and powerful women. This YXE community is so amazing. I can’t wait to meet you one day!




Kelsi (@kelsikendel)

Kelsi Kendel is a local Saskatoon motherhood and lifestyle blogger. She began blogging over 5 years ago with Our Collective Muse, and then moved on to launch her personal blog kelsikendel.com last summer. She is a mom of two- her son Luca is 6 months old and her daughter Bella is almost 3! Kelsi is currently on maternity leave but works as a speech-language pathologist, specializing in paediatric feeding disorders. Follow @kelsikendel for daily fashion, home, and motherhood inspo!




Maygen (@sneaksandlipstick)

Blogger Maygen Kardash journals her life as a mom on Sneakers & Lipstick, which sometimes means you get helpful information like the A-Z list of birthday party locations and entertainers in Saskatoon and other times, your heartstrings get a tug with an honest essay. Maygen is also a wardrobe stylist by trade, having worked for over a decade in television, on music videos, for print ads, and doing personal consults so there’s a dose of style in the content, too. She is also passionate about reducing waste, her delicious vegetarian diet, Saskatoon, and the people who make the community tick. Follow along at sneakersandlipstick.com.




Meredith (@meredith_deanne)

My name is Meredith and I’m a Saskatchewan mama, teacher, and influencer. I’m currently on mat-leave with my fourth baby, and have become an advocate to raise awareness for CHD. I also love to travel, and as a family we had lots of opportunities to spend time working and living in other countries before settling here in SK.

As a family we are passionate about spending quality time together and exploring the world around us, wherever we are. Additionally, I blog about lifestyle, home decor, fashion, travel, and motherhood on my blog http://www.petiteprairiefamily.blog. I also love connecting with others through Instagram, and a new collaborative page I started with two other mamas, @sk_creative_co.

Recently, I began hosting local Social Media Workshops to help others grow their online presence and network with one another. My favourite part about social media is the real life connections that can be formed, and the strong community of women supporting women; I’m excited to be featured here on @askmumsaskatoon!




Nicole (@nicolebuhler)

Hi! My name is Nicole, I’m a Saskatoon based photographer and content creator. I have been married to my husband Dave for almost 7 years and we have a 5 month old daughter named Olivia and a 2 year old son named Noah. I love to share about fashion, mom life, and different places and products. We love to travel and support local businesses and restaurants. We also love to go for walks to the coffee shop. My love of photography has turned into a love of marketing for brands and companies I am passionate about!




Sam (@sleepless.homemaker)

My name is Samantha but I go by Sam, and I’m a mama to 2 sweet girls. I love Jesus so you’ll see a whole lot of that here on Insta, I’m a huge advocate for mental health and body positivity, I love thrifting and DIY stuff and I love all things plants, gardening and home! Thanks for following along!




Yessenia (@theblockfarmhouse)

Yessenia is a Wife, Momma and Blogger, and has a beautiful insta feed where she captures her family’s every day moments. Yessenia is one of our fav @milkinmore ambassadors, and we love following her takeovers and her every day life insta stories. She’s a local mama, witty and super stylish and has a love for all things decor and fashion. We love her try-on sessions, and this mama rocks a kimono like no other! Yessenia is one of the blogging mamas part of the @babiesbestiesbubbly crew, where she shares on topics like potty training your toddler, her water birth experience, home reveals, party planning and much more.





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