Meet some of our Fav YXE Mama Influencers (Part 2)

I just love the Ask Mum community, and we are so lucky to have truly inspiring women in Saskatoon. When selecting our Fav Mama Influencers, we don’t care about the number of followers you have or a perfectly curated Insta feed… it’s about having a voice and using it and having people who seem to want to follow along as you do life. So here goes, meet some of our fav mama influencers, and watch this space as we release another blog article soon with more!

Amanda Grace (@bluebirdjournals)

Hi, I’m Amanda, a local YXE blogging mama. I am mama to two young girls, Georgia and Elsie, who are often the inspiration for my writing. I write about the struggles and celebrations of being a mom, being married to an out of town shift worker and the ups and downs of my mental health journey. My ability to speak honestly hopefully makes others feel supported and empowered – that’s my goal anyways! You can read my raw, real and motivational blogs at or catch my weekly motivational Monday posts on Instagram, @bluebirdjournals.

*I was lucky enough to meet this Mama IRL recently, and she’s exactly how she comes across on The Gram. She’s fun, honest, a lovely mama and so likeable. You will feel inspired by just being in her presence. We enjoy following along as she shares her solo parenting journey and gives us her daily take on motherhood. Oh, and her daughters are super cute!


Ashlee Piper (ashleepiper7)

Hi! My name is Ashlee Piper. I’m a wife, momma of two amazing kiddos, full time teacher, home based business owner and lover of life! I’m part fashionista and part hot mess momma.. it’s called balance! I’m an advocate for body positivity and have been on a journey for my health. I’m learning to love my body and the changes happening to it as well as those that have taken place from pregnancy and following having babies.

*I enjoy this Mama’s take on body positivity and her health journey is truly inspiring. I love that “what you see is what you get” with this Mama, and she is happy to jump onto her Insta stories after a sweaty workout and be totally real. Oh, and she’s drop-dead-gorgeous and I love her style!


Deanna McMillan (deanna__mcmillan)

I was born and raised in Saskatoon and am the proud “curvy” mama of 2 little boys and 2 cats. I am an iced coffee obsessed, total crazy cat lady and if it weren’t for my husband, I would probably have at least 2 or 3 more. After having my first son, I was unable to produce enough breastmilk due to an endocrine disorder called “PCOS”. The guilt and shame I felt over this triggered my postpartum anxiety and depression. I never felt fully supported by our healthcare system during these struggles and really felt let down as a first time mom.

After joining Fitbump in September 2016, I connected with many other Moms who had similar or identical feeding/ mental health struggles. It was through my own personal struggles and meeting these other moms that I was inspired and found my passion in being a “Fed is Best” advocate as well as a maternal mental health advocate.

My goal is to be a supportive/ encouraging friend to all Moms and to find the common ground that connects us all as mothers. I started a Facebook group and have also had the opportunity to address the “Baby Friendly Initiative” coalition and “Healthy and Home” regarding my postpartum experiences. I try and keep things as real, raw and as open as possible on my social media as well as in real life. You can typically find me in leggings and a tank top/ zip-up hoodie sans make-up. When I’m not “momming”, I work full time as a veterinary laboratory technologist. I hate winter and would happily live somewhere where it was +40 year round! 

*I love what this Mama stands for. Creating aware around postpartum support (or lack thereof in some cases) and that fed is truly best is so needed in our community. She values supporting moms and finding common ground rather than pointing a finger and judging another mom’s decisions – now that’s a friend we all need right!? 


Erica Stobbe (@stobbeslife)

Hello, I’m Erica, and I am a mother of two (Cooper & Ridley) and married to my wonderful hubby, Kevin for almost five years. We live in Saskatoon and absolutely love it here. 

A few things: I enjoy music, supporting local, natural/ holistic living, yummy food, coffee and beer, being in nature, trying new things, and fitness, among others, but I really love fitness. Any time I can move myself physically is always good and I enjoy the encouragement, positivity, challenge, motivation and community that it can bring. But, I also believe in balance and sometimes that means putting the physical on hold. Life as a mom has taught me more than ever that we need balance in every aspect. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. Balance isn’t always easy, but I strive to always make good out of any situation and to see the positive. That’s also why I love community. We’re not meant to do this alone and the instagram world makes support so accessible. Yay!

Anyway, I won’t bore you, that’s no fun. I’m all about keeping things real though. The good, the bad and the ugly parts of womanhood and motherhood. Sharing things I like and enjoy and learn along the way! So if that is your vibe, feel free to follow along. 

*I’ve met the lovely Erica IRL and she’s a darling. She is fun and honest and shares her every day life and adventures with us. She is in the know about YXE events and is always taking us along with her. We love her carefree attitude towards life and parenting.


Janine Oxby (@janineoxby)

Hi, my name is Janine and I am a mama to a spunky 3 year old daughter (Codie) and almost one year old twin boys (Weston and Gunnar). I am a stay at home mom/ work from home Registered Massage Therapist and I absolutely love what I do!

My feed is full of real life, relatable moments and navigating being a mom of three under three.

*I am sure this Mama is sick of me saying this to her “I don’t know how you do it!”. But you know what her response is? ‘Neither do I!’ I LOVE that – I enjoy her honesty and how she admits that parenting is so tough. She is a beautiful Mama and I so enjoy getting to know her as she shares glimpses of her life with us.


Jordi McCallum (@raising.mccallums)

My name is Jordi McCallum, I am a wife, a mom and a small shop owner. I met my husband is high school and we have been together ever since. Pre-kids I worked at a fly in mine and my husband and I travelled all over the world.

Once we had our first daughter (Kennedy), I decided I wanted to be home with her and opened up a new chapter in my life as a stay at home Mom. I decided to open up my own small shop (@Lilbugyxe) where I make and sell children’s clothes, it has become a new passion of mine and has allowed me to be at home with my girl.

Kennedy is 2 years old, and she is my little wild child. I always wanted to have kids but I strongly underestimated the amount of love you can have for another human, she really is the love of my life. Kennedy will be promoted to big sister this September and we couldn’t be more excited!  I love shopping small and taking photos which is how @raising.mccallums came to be.  We really enjoy going on little adventures and sharing our story along the way!

*What a cute family, and this Mama’s small shop @lilbugyxe is so worth a follow too – the clothing items are so sweet! We also can’t wait to watch as they add another member to their family, and all the joy and craziness adjusting to two brings.


Kathleen (@kathleengerms)

I’m Kathleen! I’m a teacher, pre/postnatal exercise specialist & a social media influencer/blogger. I’m married to my handsome hubby and I have two boys (6 month old & 4 year old). I am passionate about sharing honest and real moments on my Instagram when it comes to motherhood.

*This girl is FUNNY as heck. She also speaks about real issues and we love her advice and ‘Truthful Thursdays’ on her Insta Stories. She has a famous mom-bun like no other, and has a sassy take on motherhood that is so relatable and you feel like you just absolutely have to check back to see more. She also blogs at 


Kayla (@prairie_girl_enjoying_life)

Hi everyone! I’m Kayla, and I’m a Mama to two boys, Amari who is almost 6, and Elias who turns 1 this month. I tend to wear a lot of hats, so my Instagram is a bit of a mixed bag of family, travel, events, with a little science nerdiness thrown in there.

I’m also a Postpartum Doula and own Crocus Doula and Wellness Services (@crocusdoula), I’m the Coordinator for the Parents on Campus group at the U of S (@usaskcomfortroom), and run a kids/ maternity consignment page called Kids Closet YXE (@kidsclosetyxe). So I like to keep busy, but I’m very passionate about supporting new moms and families, so I love it!

*This Mama is truly inspirational. I’ve had a few chances to hang out with Kayla and she is so genuine and caring. She supports mamas and loves community, and is a true advocate for places like The Well Collab who hold space for women on their journey’s. She is also always game for attending events and meeting new mama friends.


Leah (@hotcoffee_creativekids)

I am a small town Sask mom of 3 kids (6,4,2). I am also a part time registered nurse 1-2 days per week. On my days home with the kids I love to learn through play with them.  We do crafts, sensory play, DIY toys and lots of outdoor play.

We document our ideas and activities here and have so much fun coming up with new creative ways to play and learn!

*This Mama’s Insta feed is filled with amazing sensory activities to help mamas be creative with their kids, through play. We enjoy following along and feel so inspired by her tips and what she shares with us.

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