Our Fav YXE Mama Influencers (Part 3)

Amanda @fitbumpsk

Amanda Brindley is the owner and main instructor at Fitbump, a body positive fitness community specializing in Prenatal & Postnatal fitness. She is also mom to a four year old daughter named Molly. Amanda prides herself on sharing posts about real, honest motherhood to help moms feel less alone. Sometimes humorous, sometimes vulnerable but always real. Her feed is not perfectly curated, it is usually unfiltered photos from an iPhone and her outfit of the day is usually an old sports bra, leggings and sweatshirt.

Amanda is also very passionate about spreading the word on women’s health and body positivity. Struggling with her own body image has inspired her to create posts helping other women feel more comfortable in their own bodies. She is out to change the world so her own daughter does not have to deal with the ridiculous pressure women face to look a certain way, when really looks are the least important thing about a person. We are so much more than our appearance.


Brin @grow.them.wild

My name is Brin and I am a wife, mother, and business owner.  I have two happy, busy little boys aged 1 & 3 and a wonderful husband. We live in a small town outside of Saskatoon with the purpose of living a slow simple life. We spend most of our days outside exploring, throwing rocks in sloughs, and riding bikes.

I am a professional photographer and own my own business (be PHOTOGRAPHY – www.be-photography.ca) and that is why I love Instagram so much. Capturing my boys and our boho home has become a fun part of my days. I also run an online store that features bohemian items for mom and baby (The Bohemian Collective – www.thebohemiancollective.ca)

You will definitely see the influence of my work in my Instagram feed. If I was to have a theme for my feed I would say it is Bohemian. Things I love: traveling, cooking, being in the outdoors, and anything boho. And a dream of our families is to live overseas with our children.


Carrie @lifewiththegauthiers

Hello! My name is Carrie Gauthier and I am a mama to 3 men and a little lady all under 10 years of age. I have been married to my high school sweetheart of nearly 13 years this August and together we lead a beautiful chaotic life lol 🙂

I am a former teacher turned entrepreneur almost 10 years ago. I left the high school teaching profession to follow my passion of photography – officially opening “Little Black Dress Photography” in 2010. My desire to freeze time for our own little family, organically lead me to doing the same for my clients.

My entrepreneurial itch & draw to children’s products & fashion, was further scratched when my sister & I officially opened “Mini Citizen” – an online clothing boutique for woman and children one year ago.

Through these side hustles, I have found an amazing balance between being at home with our kids, running them to their activities and sports, all while being true to myself and my passions (aka- getting a little adult interaction lol). I am a non coffee drinking morning person (this is new since having children) who likes to multitask, try DIY projects, shop all day every day, take a million photos of my children, pretend to know what to order at Starbucks, and share all the memes – seriously how fun is life since those came out?!?!?!

“Life with the Gauthiers” is a snapshot into our life – particularly all things motherhood. From helpful mom hacks, neat finds and children’s fashions, to finding toys with great play and educational value. I hope to inspire mamas with things I have learnt while raising our four littles, tips and tricks that have worked with our family, hidden local gems/sales/finds, as well as amazing products and services that I fully endorse for our family. I promise to share all memes that make you pee just a little while reading, brighten your day with our daily chaos (no you are most certainly not alone stashing chocolate) and lift you up on this crazy beautiful ride.


Courtney @kinsleysworld16

Hi everyone, I am Courtney. I am a mama to a 2.5 year old girl Kinsley and a 6 month old little man Lincoln. My husband works away from home so its mostly just me and the kids. When I am not on maternity leave, I am putting my 4 year broadcasting degree to good use in the construction field working as a Project Systems Manager at a Mining/Welding Company.

I love to write and am planning on starting a blog here soon about my adventures, successes, and hurdles as a mom. Our instagram started as a brand rep page for my kids which we are slowly phasing out of and has slowly changed into a lifestyle portrait of our lives. Currently our page mostly focuses on mom life experiences and kids but will also be showcasing some home decor and more as we continue on this instagram journey!


Janna @thismomthing

Hello, I am Janna, the Mama behind “This Mom Thing”. I am married to a Mountie, and am a Mother to three. Former art teacher, turned photographer – but full time hot mess mom (lol)! My hubby’s work schedule is crazy, and I run my own business and try to be as present as possible for my kiddos. I am a kinda-crunchy mom and I pretty much wing it daily trying to balance it all.

Joselyne @joselyne.effa

My name is Joselyne, I am a local influencer here in Saskatoon. I am a wife, a nurse and a mom of 2 sweethearts, Alexia (two years) and Lucas (2 months).

And as if that wasn’t enough, I thought hey why not try my hand at photography. So here I am raising two littles, trying to carve out time with my husband, and take photos… so come on over and follow along. I’d love to share all the ups and downs with you as I try to figure it all out!


Kendra @kendra.eff

Hey mama’s, I’m Kendra! I’ve been married to my husband Levi for just short of 8 years and we have two adorable little humans; Nora is three and a half years, and Myer is seven months! I’m currently on maternity leave from my job in Human Resources, so I started documenting my day-to-day mommin’ moments on Instagram.

It’s honest and imperfect – but hopefully with a bit of humor! I share about mom life, solo parenting while my husband works away, and our adventures around YXE.

There’s an amazingly strong community of moms here in SK, and I’ve really enjoyed making new connections through Instagram, Ask Mum Saskatoon, Mommy Connections, FitBump (the list goes on!). I look forward to connecting with you!

Megan @meganannemarie

Hey everyone!! My name is Megan! I am a stay at home Mom to two boys.  My oldest son, Finn, is three and a half years and my youngest son, Nash, is one and a half years old.

I have a Bachelor degree in Social Work as well as a Youth Care Worker certificate and I used to be a hairstylist too! I grew up on a farm in Manitoba but I’ve been living in Saskatoon & area for 10 years!

On my Instagram, I share my every day moments in motherhood, fashion finds, and toddler activities. Thanks for following along!


Michelle @michelleckeen

Girl mama to two. I’m Michelle, born & raised in Saskatchewan, currently on mat leave with our second daughter, Zoe. Self-proclaimed coffee addict, fashion lover and interior design guru. 

I fell in love with the instagram world while on mat leave with our oldest, Ava. I enjoyed posting photos of my baby and naturally it spiralled from there, however, it is just over the last few months that this interest has become a passion and I have fallen in love with the instagram community and the connections & opportunities that have come from it. 

It is my goal to inspire you through the pretty things like fashion and interior design but also hope that you are intrigued by my realness and day-to-day journey on this rollercoaster that is motherhood.


Miranda @mirandabraun_

I’m Miranda, a wife and mama of three. I work part time as a nurse and stay at home with my kids the rest of the time. My hands are pretty full but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Motherhood is such a gift! I love capturing the beauty and chaos of it all and sharing my experiences with other mama’s. Hope you enjoy following along!

Shelan  @shelanfaith

Hello! My name is Shelan and I am a mom to a beautiful three and a half year old girl Ella. She is the most funny, silly, sassy and loving little girl I know! I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and as much as I love city life this girl misses the farm (hopefully one day we will have our own). Thankfully for the time being we get our dose of acreage life at my in-laws.
I work full time as a Medical Laboratory Assistant and when I’m not working I’m busy filling my time with DIY projects, gardening, canning, baking, volunteering, shopping, spending time with family and friends!

I also love to support small shops as up until March I owned my own business and know how important it is. Can you tell I like to keep myself busy! Follow along with me for a peak into our crazy busy life!



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