MAMAmonday – Sarah Helms

Our #MAMAmonday goes to… Sarah Helms, a local Denver mama.

I’m Sarah Helms – a wife of 8 years, a girl mom to an independent sassy toddler, and wearer of multiple business hats! I got the entrepreneurial bug 7 years ago when I decided to jump into a direct sales business hoping it would allow me to walk away from teaching. Three years later it did, and then my husband and I were able to start asking ourselves what our bigger dreams were.

To understand what we do now you need to understand a little about our past…we have been together for 16 years and are both children of divorced parents. Not replicating some of the mistakes our parents made has been at the forefront of our relationship since day 1. Now we work hard at our relationship but we have always considered ourselves to have a great marriage. We have fun, we communicate often, our sex life was perfect for us, and we rarely had high blow out fights. Then we had our daughter…

We stopped talking, we started having huge fights that never seemed to get resolved, our sex life was non-existent and when we went out looking for real life advice/support we found none. We found some really devastating stats around relationship satisfaction once kids enter the picture, and decided at that moment that we are NOT okay with that.

So, we added a certification, a bunch of life experience and research together and created our Relationship Coaching Business!! We help new + existing parents Prepare their relationship for parenthood and then because we can’t stop life from happening, we help couples PROTECT their relationship with real life skills that will help you have a PLAN in stressful moments (because parenthood is stressful and hard at times).

Currently we offer private coaching, and we are kicking off a workshop (think of it like a birth class for expecting parents) in 2021 as well as some other goodies! You can find us on Instagram being real, offering up as much advice and tips as possible while having a lot of fun – @chrisandsarahhelms

Learn more:

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