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Aim To Thrive Nutrition supports and empowers women navigating through motherhood, by redefining balance by simplifying meals, tapping into listening to your body from the inside out! We have a less stress, individualized, non-diet approach. The result – a healthy, happy MOMMA! If you are someone who has tried it all and you are sick and tired of being sick and tired… Aim To Thrive Nutrition is here to provide you the tools to understand your root causes while providing you the grace and accountability to finally be set free! How? By understanding what is best for YOUR body!

Hey, hey sweet friends! I am Kali, small biz owner of Aim To Thrive Nutrition, Mom of 3 (2 kiddos and 1 lovable fur friend Ziggy), Wife to a wonderfully supportive, patient, loving, hubby and a lover of anything outdoors. My found love of movement and healthy eating started at a young age with always being active and growing up in a family who YES served a huge salad every dinner, you could say my parents were very informed around health and encouraged us at a young age to get in lots of variety!

My found love of nutrition and wanting to know on a deeper level what was going on inside the body, inspired my college career in studying Nutrition and Dietetics at Colorado State University, and after going on to complete my Dietetic Internship at the University of Delaware.

But it was not until I had my 1st child, that I realized everything I had done all along with eating whole foods, adding in daily movement and mindfulness that I really realized how much strength it provided my body to overcome what I originally thought was a huge setback.

When my first was only one, I came to find out I had a huge non-cancerous (we did not know this at the time) tumor on my lung and the amazing surgical team would have to remove a section of my lung, which at the time there was so much unknown about the next step or even what I would be able to do after the surgery.

By the grace of God, so much support from family and friends, and a healthy lifestyle, I was able to get moving again after a month. To this day, I can still run/move sort of efficiently (LOL) with 1/2 of my lung missing. This has truly lead me in EMPOWERING and providing the tools for women to understand this is NOT about perfection but realizing what we do most of the time continues to have the greatest effects on our overall health. I am here to help, support and listen and come up with a plan that is personalized to YOU.

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Thrive Meal Plan

Ready to ease your mind, momma? Try these simple, real food recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, + Snacks loaded with over 50+ different recipes that you can mix, match and enjoy guilt-free while keeping your blood sugars stable and energy up!


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Customer Reviews

Kali is so knowledgeable about nutrition and explains things so it’s super easy to understand. Her program makes it easy to stay on track with my goals and she goes above and beyond to be your cheerleader, mentor, and friend always checking in to see how I’m doing with my journey of being a healthy mom for myself and my kids. She is a true example of what it looks like to live a balanced life even when it’s overwhelming and hectic with all we do as moms. She’s not the “do as I say, not as I do” kind of dietician. She really lives by everything she preaches. Amazing!!

— Client (Anonymous)

I was so glad I found Kali after being diagnosed with Gestational diabetes. Kali was the first person to talk to me like an adult and treat me with empathy. With Kali’s guidance, I was quickly able to identify the foods that triggered my sugar spikes and how to level them out. Kali’s system also made it so easy to show her what I was eating without having to log every ingredient. While others I knew with GD were depriving themselves of certain foods I was able to enjoy a varied diet without spiking my numbers. I would highly recommend Kali, she made living with GD for the remainder of my pregnancy achievable and I can’t thank her enough.

— Client (Anonymous)

Kali is amazing! She listened to my needs, inquired about my symptoms and worked patiently with me as we conquered each one! I feel fantastic and lost weight, but I couldn’t have done it without Kali’s support and guidance!

— Client (Anonymous)

Thanks to Aim to Thrive and Kali, I finally have my blood sugar issues under control. Kali was so knowledgeable and helpful to me when I couldn’t figure out what was going on with me. She was so realistic and taught me so much about how to better fuel my body.

— Client (Anonymous)

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