Ask Mum HUB

A Community for Moms in Business

Hello! We are so glad you’re here with us. We believe in supporting women as they juggle motherhood and business… and everything in between. Right now, we have a few incredible ways that we support mothers and female founders across the USA and Canada:

1. The Ask Mum HUB Community – a virtual community for mom entrepreneurs looking to connect & network with like-minded women who get the juggle of motherhood and business.

2. Our Signature VIP Days – custom strategy sessions that allow you to gain clarity and momentum in your life and in your business.

3. Consulting & coaching packages – receive holistic support and accountability that sets you up for the greatest success in your life and in your business. This offer is a 3-month commitment. Email us to see if this offer is right for you –

The Ask Mum HUB

You know what it’s like to juggle motherhood and business. You need support and accountability, and a community that gets it! We believe that surrounding ourselves with like-minded women not only makes the journey easier, more fulfilling, and impactful… but also just more FUN!

Our Signature VIP Strategy Sessions

You have amazing & unique giftings that the world needs to experience, but you feel stuck and overwhelmed with how to get your marketing message into this often noisy online world. You need clarity, focus… and a plan that actually works to convert followers into paying customers.

We start with a 30-minute discovery session where we identify your gaps and needs. We then do a deep dive in our 1:1 custom three-hour strategy session. We believe in support & accountability and really serving you well, so we have also included a 1:1 one-hour follow-up session plus Voxer support to answer your on-the-go questions!

1:1 Coaching

If you are looking for holistic coaching, continued support & strategy – this 3-month coaching package is for you.

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