Self-care for Mamas: What I’ve Learned – by Kayla Madder

1) Routine  I wanted to start my self-care week off with establishing some sort of routine so that self-care would be a little more organic in my day-to-day. I have a tendency to ignore self-care, and then when I start to get really stressed out, it’s quite the task to make it happen again.  BecauseContinue reading “Self-care for Mamas: What I’ve Learned – by Kayla Madder”

Self-care for Mamas – by Kayla Madder

While it seems a little frivolous to be writing about self-care during a time of total disruption in our world today, some would say this is the exact moment we should be worrying about it the most. Anxiety and other mental health struggles tend to rear their ugly heads during times like these. Times ofContinue reading “Self-care for Mamas – by Kayla Madder”

The Things They Don’t Tell You – by Erin McCrea

I recently admitted to somebody that I can’t keep indoor plants or fish alive. I can’t keep a plant alive, and I kill the fish every single time I clean the tank! I can’t keep plants and fish alive, but somehow… I am responsible for a four year old boy. In May of 2016,  IContinue reading “The Things They Don’t Tell You – by Erin McCrea”

3 things about grief I want loss moms to know

Hello, I am Wendi. I grew up charmed and sheltered. I still have all of my grandparents at age 31 and have never lost so much as a pet. Pregnancy loss was not something I had ever encountered until I began working on the labor and delivery unit at our hospital. And then, the unthinkableContinue reading “3 things about grief I want loss moms to know”

Our family is simplifying Christmas this year…

This is actually our second “simplified Christmas” as we took some baby steps into it last year. And what brings us comfort in those tougher moments of essentially saying “no” to gifts is reminding ourselves what we love about Christmas, what the important parts are, and what we want our kids to understand about thisContinue reading “Our family is simplifying Christmas this year…”

An ASK MUM Exclusive Shopping Experience + Pamper Party at JOYNE!

Hey Mama   We are thrilled to announce our latest event, and invite YOU to join us! This event is all about community AND -> Pampering. Drinks. Treats. Shopping. SWAG. And much more! JOYNE MarketPlace (249 2 Avenue South, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1K8) Wednesday, November 27, 2019 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM CST   WeContinue reading “An ASK MUM Exclusive Shopping Experience + Pamper Party at JOYNE!”

Happy FIVE YEAR Anniversary Donald Physiotherapy!

We are always excited to work with family-friendly local businesses, and are so honored to represent Donald Physiotherapy on our Ask Mum online directory. This month, they are celebrating FIVE years in business and we wanted to capture some of their journey and share this with our community.   Donald Physiotherapy opened in Stonebridge NovemberContinue reading “Happy FIVE YEAR Anniversary Donald Physiotherapy!”