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Meet Christen Saccucci, DC

Owner and Founder

Hi there! My name is Christen Saccucci and I am a family chiropractor and birth doula. I started my doula training during chiropractic school to provide non-medical support to birthing people and advocate for them to have the birth experience they desire. I took extra training to specialize my chiropractic treatments for individuals throughout the motherhood transition. I love that I am able to support moms throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. My goal is to provide care so moms feel empowered, strong, and connected to their community.

About us

  • Colorado Spine and Strength is an inclusive family and sports chiropractic office. We help individuals of all ages use lifestyle to minimize pain. I specialize in treating pregnant and postpartum women and make sure moms feel comfortable and resilient throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods.
  • I help you feel better in my office through gentle, full body chiropractic, soft tissue therapies, and individualized rehab exercises. This combination helps you stay feeling amazing between visits so treatment is not needed as frequently!
  • Mobile chiropractic services are available to moms in their third trimester of pregnancy upon request so no need to worry about making it out to additional provider appointments!
  • I also offer doula services to pregnant moms. Doula Services include two prenatal visits in which we create a birth plan and explore interventions for parent and child, continuous support throughout labor and delivery, and at least one postpartum follow up visit.
  • Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy still includes full body adjusting and I spend more time treating the pelvis. I use special techniques (Webster/Logan Basic) to ensure that the moms pelvis has plenty of motion so that baby can move into the proper position for birth. Rehabilitation exercises for moms may include breath work, movement and positioning to get proper utilization of core and pelvic floor musculature.

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    Dr. Christen was such an amazing mentor for me throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. Her gentle demeanor and knowledge about everything pregnancy, birth and postpartum is unmatched. The chiropractic care I received from Dr. Christen helped relieve all my pregnancy aches and pains. I was so impressed with the care I received from her I asked her to be my doula as well. She helped me to have the natural birth I so wanted. My partner and I are so incredibly thankful for the knowledge she shared with us as we welcomed our baby girl into the world. I couldn’t be more thankful for this amazing doctor.

    — Hannah F.

    Wow wow wow Dr. Christen is amazing. She is so knowledgeable about pregnancy/ postnatal healing and she’s so calming with her doula work. She truly cares about your healing (and my kids). She’s amazing! Thank you Dr. Christen.

    — Melanie W.

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