Columbine Sleep Solutions

We help exhausted mamas get their babies and toddlers sleeping through the night so they can have some “me time” and be the best version of themselves!

Hi, my name is Lindsey. The founder of Columbine Sleep Solutions and a certified Sleep Sense Consultant. I was born and raised in Colorado and currently reside in Highlands Ranch, CO with my husband, 2-year old daughter, and baby boy on the way. Prior to the birth of my daughter I took a great interest in sleep education. Following Riley’s birth, I started implementing healthy sleep habits and by 8-weeks Riley was sleeping through the night. Since that time, I have benefited greatly from having a well rested family. It has impacted my experience as a mom so positively that I decided on a whim that I needed to help other parents too. That was the beginning of Columbine Sleep Solutions. Now a year later, I have helped dozens of families get back to sleeping well. Whether you are an expecting mom for the first time, a mom to a 4-month old that was sleeping well until that pesky regression, or a mom to a 3-year old that sneaks in your room every night, I can help! You can be well rested and so can your little one. In fact, you all deserve it! So why wait to achieve that? Reach out today and let’s get you on your way to a full night’s rest! Sleep Tight, Lindsey

Our Services

Newborn Package

Prenatal to 3 months.

Baby Package

4 to 18 months.

Other Services

One-on-One Sleep Consultations, Half Night Messaging Support, Bedtime Support, Half Night In-Person Support.

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