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Cradle & Crescent came to life in the fall of 2019, when it was founded by Magdalena Nicholson, LLC. Magda decided to pursue a Newborn Care Specialist career and help sleep-deprived parents during the night while they adjusted to a new normal after bringing their new addition home. From that moment the business has constantly grown and evolved. Magda’s experience in the field helped her figure out what support parents are lacking, take training and fill those gaps. Magdalena has always been passionate about both newborn and kids’ sleep and educating herself and parents on how poor quality sleep affects kids. She is so happy to expand her expertise and help more families. From Newborn Care Specialist to Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Each service Cradle & Crescent offers was born from passion and need in the community.

Meet Magdalena Nicholson

Founder, Owner, Newborn Care Specialist, Pediatric Sleep Consultant

“Cradle & Crescent offers Newborn Care Specialist services and Pediatric Sleep Consultant services. From in-home hands-on help to classes, coaching, and personalized sleep plans. We have something for every family.” – Magda

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Customer Reviews

“Magda was such a natural when it came to caring for newborn premature twins that you would have sworn, she surely had twins of her own! She treated them so lovingly; she cared for them with such kindness and in a way that would make any parent smile and breathe a sigh of relief. I heard them giggle loudly as she played with them and talked to them. When it came to feedings, diaper changes, naps and everything in between, she proved to not only be an expert in basic needs, but also an expert in how to fulfill the twin’s emotional needs and desire for nurturing.” – McKenna H.

“Magda is an extremely rare find and a gem. She is mature, patient, extremely kind, hard working, and very knowledgeable about the crucial first few weeks of a newborn’s life.” – Krista K.

“From Day 1 with Magda, we felt extremely comfortable. She brings a great combination of confidence, warmth and knowledge that settles any apprehension or unknown in the early days of transitioning to parenthood, and learning how to have such a small infant. While Magda has such deep knowledge and perspectives on how to care and sleep train for an infant, which are very effective, logical and thoughtful, she also approaches things with an open mind and flexibility knowing that each child is different. Within weeks, she had our daughter Sloan down to one feeding per night, which we never imagined would happen! She is extremely in tune with the child she is looking after, and is always thinking about the best approach and tactics to be used. She is also willing to try new things, and always approached each day/night collaboratively with us so we were learning and aligned with what she was doing.”

– Samantha and Kyle W.

“Magda was an incredible resource for us. We brought home newborn twins and felt like we were in over our heads. Magda was able to come help us out, and not only did she allow us to get MUCH needed sleep, she was an invaluable resource, and a wealth of information. I was so impressed with all of the courses she took in her own time to up-skill in her job. She provided us with a summary of how our babies were throughout the night, so we could set a schedule of
success for the next day. When our time with Magda was complete, our twins were on a schedule and had a great foundation of sleep skills. I would recommend Magda to any new parent!”
– Addison

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