Flynn’s Forest Indoor Playground

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Flynn’s Forest Indoor Playground is a family owned indoor playground new to Saskatoon in 2016. Our convenient east side location boasts nearly 6000 square feet and is complemented by tons of natural light.

Amazing Play structure for all ages!

  • Our forest themed play structure covers nearly 2000 square feet and is a custom design from Canadian company Atomic Playgrounds.
  • The play structure is up to 3 stories high, includes a triple slide, 2 tube slides, our popular interactive play floor, 8ft climbing wall, and family favourite sport court.
  • We also have a dedicated toddler area for ages 3 and under as well as exersaucers available for use.

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Concession Heaven!

  • Well known for its great coffee and tea, healthy snack options and delicious The Chopped Leaf wraps and rolls! And don’t forget the popcorn!!
  • Comfortable seating for parents and plenty space to settle in, ensuring an all-round enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Safe + Clean!

  • Our highest priority is cleanliness so that parents and caregivers can feel comfortable bringing their kids back to play again and again.
  • There is only one way to enter and exit the play area, and each person receives a wristband to ensure the utmost safe environment!

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The perfect place for a Party!

Since opening, Flynn’s Forest has hosted over 1100 parties! We feel that our parties make things easy for parents while ensuring the kids have a great time and go home exhausted. We have just added our newest party package with our little guests and their parents in mind, bringing our total party packages offered to FOUR.

Each package can be customized with a variety of party add-ons. Our 2 party rooms are located on our mezzanine and are roomy and bright with large windows. The mezzanine area also includes 2 bathrooms and large sink for washing up all those little hands before and after party room time!

How it all began?

The idea for Flynn’s Forest Indoor Playground came about driving home from Edmonton where we had just taken our then 4 year old twin girls to see Taylor Swift in concert. When our pre-concert zoo plans were rained out we took the girls to an indoor playground.

They played for 2+ hours and we both enjoyed a delicious coffee. During that drive home from Edmonton we toyed with ideas about an indoor playground (kind of in the same way a couple might discuss how they would use lottery winnings if that day ever came). Our plans in the van that day, included drawing up Flynn the fox, and me creating a “must have” list (that I was certain we could not meet – which was actually fine with me as this was way out of my comfort zone and still is!).

My wish list included:

  • An east side location with windows for lots of natural light
  • Serving healthier food options, a great café, ie: fancy espresso machine
  • A place for kids to play which promotes physical and mental well-being
  • Providing an atmosphere that parents, grandparents and caregivers would enjoy visiting just as much as the kids.

My husband and I are both professionals in other fields and continue to work in those fields (accounting and pharmacy) but my husband’s persistence with the idea of Flynn’s Forest ended up with us breaking ground and literally working from the gravel up in our beautiful east side location just 7 months after that trip home from Edmonton.

We planned and designed every component ourselves from the logo and paint colors to the furniture and little toilets and sinks (with lots of help along the way, of course). We were very proud to work with Canadian company Atomic Playgrounds to customize and build our play structure and to team with local company D-Con construction to execute the construction needs for our space.

Our girls are now almost 9 years old and while lots has changed in our world last couple of years, we are very proud of the bright, clean, safe playground that thousands of kids have enjoyed over the last 3.5 years and love that Flynn’s Forest is a place for families to look forward to visiting together!

Contact Flynn’s Forest

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Customer Reviews

We had our son’s 5th birthday at Flynn’s yesterday and it was perfect! The staff were super friendly and the place was very clean. Everything in our party room was set up and ready to go when we got there. The kids had a blast. We have had two birthday parties at Flynn’s now and would definitely recommend this amazing indoor playground to anyone looking for a great party idea. Super fun place! Super easy kiddo party!!

We popped in Saturday as we’d heard great things from others and are from out of town. It did not disappoint! My children had a blast for two hours! Snacks were reasonably priced and we even found the elusive TY Tracker from Paw Patrol! Best part, the facility was CLEAN! I typically avoid places like this but we would return again and again when we visit Saskatoon. Thanks for a great time!

Being a twin mom means there aren’t many places I can go and feel totally at ease. I’m always on guard. And counting kids (one two one two one two) I love going to Flynn’s!!! My girls run like maniacs, have healthy snacks, can use the washroom easily and sleep so well afterwards!!And as a mom my favourite part is that it’s so clean!! I’ve literally seen staff crawling through tunnels cleaning! I love that! It is hands down our favourite place to play!

Great place to take your children especially on days where you are stuck in the house! I’ve taken my toddler many times and he has a blast…….and burns off his energy. Staff are friendly and keep the place very clean!! I would definitely recommend going!

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