Fulfilled Motherhood Co.

Meet Kylee Nelson,

Owner and Lead Therapist

Kylee is a mom to a rambunctious toddler. She is also a fierce advocate for maternal mental health! After having her own difficult postpartum journey and struggling to find support, she retrained as a perinatal mental health therapist and opened her practice in January 2020 serving moms to help them overcome anxiety, depression, & trauma to create emotional wellness in motherhood.

About Us

Fulfilled Motherhood Co. is an online counseling practice specializing in serving moms during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety or depression in early motherhood, you’ve suffered a traumatic birth or experienced the loss of a child, or you’re struggling with infertility – Fulfilled Motherhood Co. can help! As a licensed therapist, Kylee can help you navigate your emotions, improve relationships and start to feel like yourself again.

Our Services

Individual Therapy – 1:1 counseling for moms seeking help with anxiety, depression, stress/overwhelm, relationship difficulty, healing from trauma, or just general support.

Group therapy – A small group of 6 moms coming together for therapy over a period of 6 weeks. Topics covered include overcoming anxiety and depression, building self-esteem/self-work, identity in motherhood, and building community in motherhood.

Fulfilled Motherhood Collective – A membership site for moms in early motherhood looking to feel more fulfilled in their motherhood. Monthly audio training, monthly journal prompts, and a group meeting. Click here to join.

Insurances accepted for individual and group therapy in Colorado: United (Optum and Oscar) and Aetna (Cigna coming soon!). Private pay is also accepted.

Contact Us


Email: hello@fulfilledmotherhood.co

Phone: 918-217-8440

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Customer Reviews

“I enjoyed the experience. Kylee was a great listener, provided good feedback and guidance and I continually think back to what I learned from our sessions.”

“One thing that was so powerful for me is that I never felt judged and I always felt like Kylee had great tips and strategies that actually helped and were practical as a mom.”

“Where I am today is much much better and healthier contrasted to where I was when I began with Kylee.”

“I recommend Kylee to all the moms I know! She is kind, supportive, and really knows how to help.”

“Kylee is kind, calm, and extremely approachable. Right away I felt like I could trust and confide in her. Kylee is full of simple, practical strategies for managing stress and anxiety, and always delivers them in a kind and non-judgemental way.”

“My goals were to better prioritize my own needs and better understand and manage the stress and anxiety that often comes with being a busy, working mom and wife. Kylee simply listening and validating my stresses was so helpful. It has actually decreased my stress a lot just to know that I’m not the only mom struggling. Kylee also validated my need for rest and fun, and together we brainstormed simple, practical ways to delegate tasks and prioritize my time.”

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