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We hear a lot of talk about finding your tribe and community of Mamas, who you can do life with. Real life. The only thing people don’t often mention is where you find these Mamas? Sure, there’s friends to be made at school drop-off and pick-up, while watching your little one play soccer or do ballet; but what about before they start school? Those early years when you’re a Mama to small children can be very lonely and all you want is to find a few close friends who get it. This stage of life is hard, but it’s also so beautiful. It saddens me to think that there are Mums out there who do it alone, and miss embracing these special moments, because they think it’s just them who feel like they aren’t enough. They may feel like they are failing and constantly compare themselves to every Mum who looks like they have it all together. Well, we have some good news for these Mums.


What if there was a safe place, that you could come and just be… Introducing Tanya from Little Hands and Me.


I am a Mom to three little ones, a Social Worker, Baby Sign Instructor, Certified Salsa Babies Saskatoon Chief Mami, Certified Postpartum and Prenatal Fitness Instructor, and Positive Discipline educator. 


Because this time of your life should be remembered forever, we provide families in Saskatoon and surrounding areas high quality programs that will promote healthy and confident relationships in the years to come.

Tanya has a heart for the local community and all she wants to do is to support you Mums! So, this is a challenge to you – What are you waiting for? 

I believe that all parents and children need to feel safe, secure and have a deep sense of belonging to explore, grow and experience their world. AND all parents need a NETWORK where they are able to make connections, feel supported and a sense of belonging.


Little Hands and Me helps Mums get a weekly and meaningful outing so that they feel healthy, happy and supported in their parenting journey. 

We know that community is essential for you and therefore, we have a FRIENDSHIP bonus where you and a friend both receive $10 off by registering for a class together! OR you can register for two classes, and you will receive a special Mami bonus!


Little Hands and Me has thought a lot about the challenges that some Mums might face in getting to class every week. They understand that if you have an older child who attends school on certain days and times, it is difficult to sometimes fit into a specific class day and time that was pre-planned by the co-ordinator. If you want to attend a Salsa Babies, Salsa Tots or Baby Sign class this year, please reach out to Tanya and let her know what type of class schedule would suit you. Tanya understands how hard it is for parents who have a few children at different stages of life. Little Hands and Me allows a second child to participate in class with no additional charge to you. They support you and welcome you!


Do you still need some convincing? Take a look at what some Mums had to say about their experience with Little Hands and Me:


Salsa Babies is a lot of fun and a good work out for new Moms or Dads. But it’s the positive environment and an excellent instructor who ‘gets it’ and is right in the ‘know’ as a Mom herself. Tanya is encouraging, easy to connect with and especially understanding in women’s postpartum bodies and their new ‘kinks’.


I wish I had taken Positive Discipline parenting earlier in parenthood because it may have prevented me from non-beneficial parenting techniques. I have more respect for my children and their feelings. I also realize how damaging some of my previous parenting may have been.


It’s a good time, gets you and your little one out of the house, moving and grooving to some music and of course, meeting many lovely other new parents! Totally recommend.  


Sometimes being at home with a baby all day, you can get bored or run out of ideas and things to do. This baby sign class has given me lots of ideas of interactive things to do with my baby, work on better communication. I have seen a reduction of postpartum depression because of the supportive community of Little Hands and Me Parenting Network. This was a highlight of my weekly classes.


I am far more aware of what I say to my child, spouse and those at work. I get less stressed in situations because I have more tools to use. Mind Blowing!


I found it easier to bond with my baby after coming to baby sign, play and explore classes! This is my favourite and BEST baby class in Saskatoon and a must for all new parents. 


At 8 months of age she already has 5 signs and can understand quite a few more. I am really excited to see what else she will be able to do.


To sign up for Spring sessions, click here: https://littlehandsandme.com/shop/

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