Mandi Leigh Consulting

Hi, I’m Mandi Leigh,
Business Owner turned Consultant.

I help Moms build & scale


We use a simple formula -> Messaging. Marketing. Money.

Around here, we do business differently.

We believe in more ease, flow & spaciousness.

Less hustle. Less forcing.

If something isn’t working, we shift. We pivot. We start over. We burn down businesses so that we can build them back up more aligned, simple & MORE POTENT than ever before. Attracting soulmate clients like it’s your job 😉

With over a decade of experience in marketing and business strategy, working with high-profile corporate clients and small solo entrepreneurs… my true passion is helping you succeed and live the life that you truly desire – the life that is meant for you.

I’ve opened up a few spots and am now accepting limited clients during the Summer, and into the Fall. Apply now to secure your spot!

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