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We live our lives through our systems.  The way we think, make decisions, the way we heal, and move, the emotions we feel, the way our organs function and how our fluids and hormones are regulated, it’s all up to our brain and spinal cord. To live our best lives we need to take care of the system that regulates it all!

We believe that wellness is more than not being ill or injured. We believe it is the feeling of energy and vitality that comes with true whole body health. At Market Mall Family Chiropractic, the purpose of our care is to strengthen the body’s ability to appropriately respond to physical, emotional and chemical stresses and to achieve our optimal health.  We sleep better, we recover faster, digest more efficiently and make better decisions about our health.

Market Mall Family Chiropractic clinic in Saskatoon will help you achieve wellness through chiropractic and massage therapy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, breastfeeding consultation and nutrition.

We welcome you and your family to discover the benefits of great health. We will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and provide you safe, gentle and effective care. We specialize in pediatric care, pregnancy and women’s health. We offer breastfeeding consulting, gentle chiropractic for babies, prenatal care services,  prenatal education, prenatal yoga and postpartum care all under one roof! If you have questions please contact us, we are at your service.

Think more clearly.
Heal more efficiently.
Increase your energy.
Strengthen your immune system.

Community Classes, Events & Workshops

Market Mall Family Chiropractic offer a prenatal class with small enrolment to encourage open dialogue and the ability to develop rapport, friendship and build your support circle. There are some fabulous women who are experts in their disciplines offering a natural, non-fear based approach to pregnancy and birthing. Partners and support people are encouraged to participate. We welcome those interested in PRENATAL YOGA, discussions on expectations in PREGNANCY and BIRTH, BREASTFEEDING, POSTPARTUM and PARENTING to join us. If you’d like to enquire about potential future dates of these classes, contact Market Mall clinic today!

Experts & Topics:

Lisa Paul ~ Homeopath and Holistic Nutritionist/Nurturing through food and homeopathy

Karmen Currie ~ Prenatal Yoga and Doula/Empowering Expectant Families

Jana Stockham ~ Breastfeeding Expert/IBCLC/Breastfeeding Essentials

Dr. Stacey Hornick ~ Pediatric and Prenatal/Postpartum Chiropractor/Brilliance of the Birthing Mother.

There will be real conversations with other Moms, a safe space to find your tribe, gain the support of professionals who you can access easily. We’ve been there, we’ve worked with thousands of families and have families of our own.  We get it, we get you.  Market Mall Family Chiropractic presents “Preparing for Baby”.

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