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Myranda supports women in a variety of ways to improve their quality of life. When you work with Myranda, a whole body approach is taken – including mental, emotional and spiritual aspects #wearemorethanourbodies. Myranda is a Certified Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Medical Therapeutic Yoga Candidate. Her offerings include:

1. Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

This offering includes a large range of assessment possibilities depending on stage of healing, indication, and your specific goals.

Assessment may include, but is not limited to:

  • Movement analysis (for example you are leaking when you squat at the gym, or when picking something up off the floor)
  • Surrounding muscle and joint assessment
  • More detailed external and internal vaginal and/or rectal pelvic floor muscle assessment. 

2. Labour and Delivery Physiotherapy

You and a partner, if you choose to have someone attend with you, can learn about labouring positions that also help with controlling intensity of labour, hands on support techniques, and bonding. Your partner could be any 1 person who you know will be in the delivery room for the big day.

3. Pregnancy and Postpartum Physiotherapy sessions

Symptoms associated with pregnancy and postpartum can be managed with the support of physiotherapy.

This may include: upper, mid or low back pain, wrist/ hand, shoulder, hip or pelvis pain. 

4. Performance Physiotherapy sessions

I love working with people to achieve their fitness goals! You don’t have to have symptoms to see me. You can work with me preventatively, or in general to improve your performance within fitness and sport. 

Meet Myranda

headshotHi, I’m Myranda! I am professional, knowledgeable, and a passionate educator in the field of women’s health, fitness and sport. Helping you move worry-free, care-free and symptom-free is what I do!

I have always loved to move my body! Growing up on a farm, we were always outside playing… and then I found my passion for sport! I have been lifting weights since I was 12 years old, I played competitive soccer, lots of volleyball and now enjoy CrossFit and Ultimate Frisbee. So, let’s just say that exercise is a huge part of my life and I’m very passionate about it.

One of my biggest goals is to guide women through the different stages of their lives.

*To ensure inclusivity, women in this context refers to biological sex, containing ovaries and uterus.

**Stages of life: fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, menopausal years.

Becoming a Mom doesn’t only change your life in the biggest way, but it also changes your movement and the way you exercise! Myranda is here to help!

Connect with Myranda

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