Organic Cleaners of Denver LLC

Organic Cleaners of Denver LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured, luxury cleaning company. We only use nontoxic plant based and organic cleaners to clean our client’s homes. We also focus on educating about cleaning with natural products and more importantly, the why behind the switch.

“Hi there, I’m Tiffany Gonzalez! My passion for cleaning naturally started in 2016 after I sprinkled a common cleaner into our bathtub and my baby crawled into the bathroom. I quickly picked her up and rushed out of the bathroom. A million-dollar question came to mind, “If it isn’t okay for her to be in the bathroom with me while I’m cleaning, then why is it okay for me to be in the bathroom with me while cleaning?” That put me on a research path, and what I found shocked me. The traditional cleaners we were using were literally toxic to our bodies. We used them because that’s what we were taught to use. I gave myself 30 days to find out how to clean with natural products, and by the end of that time, I made the switch. I was able to take care of my family’s health both inside and out. Now I am helping other families make the shift. I started Organic Cleaners of Denver in 2019 to combine my love for cleaning and passion for natural cleaning products. We strive to serve the Denver community with our cleaning services and educate families about natural cleaning products beyond the Colorado border.”

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“My experience with Organic Cleaners of Denver is something I have to talk about because it was above and beyond! Their house cleaning was so exceptional! They were very thorough and detailed. I know in the future I will definitely be using their services again!”

— Loretta

“I have had cleaners for 34 years, and my home has never been cleaner!”

— Aldona

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