Our Signature VIP Days

I know how busy you are – being a MOM, running a BUSINESS… being a HUMAN! Let’s help you move from being stuck and overwhelmed in your marketing & messaging to attracting your soulmate clients with ease and clarity.

You have unique gifts that the world needs to experience – it’s time to stop hiding and show up. Your clients are waiting for you.

With over a decade of experience in marketing and business strategy, working with high-profile corporate clients and small solo entrepreneurs… my true passion is helping you succeed and live the life that you truly desire – the life that is meant for you.

I know you want results… that’s why I’ve recently launched my new Signature VIP Days and I can’t wait to serve you in this way. My monthly spots are very limited so be sure to apply and let me know which Signature VIP Day sounds like a good fit for you.

What’s included in our Signature VIP Days?

An initial 30-minute discovery session with me via Zoom, where we will get to know each other and identify your gaps and needs. You will also receive a short form to fill out and submit before our session.

A 3-hour VIP Half-Day 1:1 Session with me via Zoom, where we go deep, get clear, and then plot out a detailed and clear plan for your next 90 days of pure fire in your business! This is customized to you and your needs – you and your business are unique… we don’t do the cookie-cutter approach around here!

A 1-hour follow-up Strategy Session with me via Zoom, where we will answer any questions that might have come up since our first session or tackle any roadblocks you are currently experiencing.

4 days of 1:1 Voxer support with me that begins right after our first session – this is your space to ask any questions & to get instant support from me.

Be offered an opportunity to continue linking arms after our VIP day for a 3-month container of support, or private consulting with me (spaces are very limited).

Get ready for your best 90 days in business… it’s right around the corner. Click here to apply or send me an email.

Our Signature VIP Day Offers:

The VIP More than Marketing Intensive – Unlock your authentic brand voice and vision & walk away with clarity and confidence in your marketing strategy and implementation plan.

The VIP Content Curator – You know you need to post content consistently, but how do you know what type of content to post… what content will actually convert to customers? We help you stop wasting time posting content for the sake of posting, and bring clarity and intentional strategy about why and what to post.

The VIP Email Community Intensive – Have you heard the experts say that as a business owner your email list is one of your most powerful marketing + selling tools, and if you don’t have an email list what are you even doing? It’s true! We help you create a plan to launch, grow or scale your email list and even help you with the implementation so that you can focus on connecting with your email community. Think email platforms, segments, building templates, messaging that converts, custom forms, leveraging freebies to grow your email list, how to market to your clients, and grow your email list – we cover all the things.

The VIP Online Audit – You know you need support and strategy, and a 90-day plan for your business… but you aren’t too sure where to start. Let us conduct an online audit and help you figure out your gaps and blocks online so that you can welcome even more soulmate clients into your world!

Our Signature VIP day might be a good fit for you if…

You have an incredible offer (or are working on your offers) but you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed navigating the online world.

You don’t know how to effectively market and sell to your soulmate clients.

You know where you want to go but you aren’t sure how to get there.

You need support and accountability.

You want to make a big impact and stop playing small.

You know you were made for MORE and want to start showing up as HER!

By investing in our Signature VIP Day 1:1 intensive, you will:

1. Move from feeling stuck to having clarity and a clear vision for your life and business.

2. Embrace your unique strategy and start attracting your soulmate clients.

3. Feel capable, confident, and even comfortable showing up and selling online.

4. Transform your business and your life, in 90 days, by using our proven formula.

5. Show up and live as the high-level woman you were made to be!

Why do we believe in an intensive VIP offer?: We know how busy you are! We go further faster together and the intensive VIP day is our proven method of getting results and creating the most impact & intentionality in a small pocket of time.

You know that our Signature VIP Day is for you! You are ready! APPLY HERE to see if we’d be a good fit!

Meet Mandi Berghorst

I am so glad you are here! I’m Mandi – a Wife, a Mom to two kiddos, an entrepreneur, and an adventurer and lover of life! I am the Founder of Ask Mum, and I help mom entrepreneurs (and female founders) gain clarity in their marketing & messaging and attract their soulmate clients (by using my proven formula inside my VIP 1:1 intensive program)!

I prefer experiences over things and feel so incredibly blessed to be able to grow my businesses while staying home with my kids. I am multi-passionate, an Enneagram 7, and Human Design Generator. I believe in the power of community and have spent the last three years growing the Ask Mum community, both in Canada and the USA, and have brought hundreds of moms & moms in business together for events and our membership opportunities! I am passionate about supporting local businesses and have built our Ask Mum online directory primarily to connect local businesses to local moms. We have advertising opportunities for local businesses in certain areas and finding ways to support these small businesses is something I just can’t stop my heart from wanting to do.

I was born and raised in South Africa and our family has since lived in Canada and the USA. We lived in Saskatoon, Canada for 20 months, then on to Denver, Colorado for the next 2 and a half years, and now we are based in Toronto (Oakville area) in Ontario, Canada.

I have over a decade of experience in marketing, helping both high net worth businesses and small businesses through digital marketing & sales. I love linking arms with other female founders who want to grow and connect! I have a Degree in Business Management, Marketing, and Statistics and I love the consulting work I get to do with mom entrepreneurs and female founders to build and grow dream businesses that are not only thriving financially but also businesses that fit into your motherhood and life -> Businesses that feel good and are impacting others… and businesses that help you achieve an aligned life! Let’s connect!

Interested in working together? Complete the application form “Apply Here” link above or send me an email.

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