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Meet Dr. Brita, Founder & Pediatric Physical Therapist

Dr. Brita is a pediatric physical therapist, mom of 2, and owner of Progress Through Play. She is a board certified specialist with over 10 years of experience in the field. Throughout her career as a pediatric PT she has become increasingly passionate about serving infants and toddlers and helping to establish the early building blocks of motor development. She is passionate about giving parents peace of mind about their children’s motor development and helping them to form deeper connections with their little ones through play!

About us

Progress Through Play is a mobile, concierge physical therapy practice serving infants and toddlers in the Denver Metro Area. We specialize in developmental delays, torticollis, plagiocephaly, toe walking, low muscle tone, tummy time struggles, body work for babies with tongue ties and more! We believe that milestones shouldn’t be a mystery and offer educational milestones consults for parents to learn more about their child’s unique developmental journey and help decrease that sneaky milestone anxiety.

Our Services

In Home Physical Therapy Evaluations

Developmental Screenings

Head Shape Consultations

Tummy Time Sessions

Virtual Physical Therapy Services

Online courses

PDF downloads and checklists

Free Discovery Calls

VirtualCrawling Camp ~ Everything you need to know to get your baby crawling

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