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Hello there! I am Isaac Robinson-Stark and I have been around cameras, and photographers for most of my life. I have always enjoyed capturing moments with my family; my first wedding photo was when I was 8 years old at my sisters wedding, and I was THRILLED to take a photo at such an important event.

Isaac Robinson-Stark Founder and Owner

As I got older, I continued to learn about photography, continued to learn how to run a business, and continued to be comfortable with my own art. I launched my own business Von and Friends in Seattle, where I took care of dogs in my home and then took pictures of them! I LOVE dogs and was heart broken to say goodbye to my clients and business when my wife and I moved to her home town in Colorado. Naturally, my next business venture would be photography since I am so passionate about capturing the moment and taking high quality photographs.

My goal is to capture people as they are, make people comfortable, and capture a candid moment of families, parents, and children. I primarily work with families and their pets, but am versatile in my skills and can adapt to any situation.

My wife Jordan is an integral part of my team even if she isn’t an “employee” by definition. She does all my social media posts, helps me with my communications, and when I am done editing photos, she is the last defence before I send them out to clients. She also attends photo-days to lend a helping hand.

I offer family, newborn, pet portraits, senior portraits, headshots, events, engagements, and maternity photography. I primarily focus on the “the big life moments,” but am open to different and new photography opportunities!

I am always willing to negotiate and work with families so that we can find the right price and still get the photos they need and want! Always call or email to see if we can find a reasonable price for your family!

Call: 425-894-1717

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