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Meet the face and hands behind Scherr Crochet!

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There aren’t many days where I feel like much more than a mom and wife, (don’t get me wrong, this is my life and I love it!) but behind the messy bun, sweats and bags under my eyes… Is an energetic fun loving HOOKER!

And now that I have your attention…. Nice to meet you, I’m Amanda, the face behind Scherr Crochet!

“I started crocheting when I was very young, my Grandma taught me so I would have something to keep me busy. Fast forward 20+ years and now I have created a business surrounding my love for the craft! As someone who started off unable to read patterns, I feel like a pianist who plays by ear. Just show me a picture and off I go! Although I’m known for my toques, specifically ones with a face (lol), there isn’t much I can’t do! From keeping your toes warm to the tops of your head, I LOVE the adorable creations I’ve been able to share!”

2019 has been a fantastic year for Scherr Crochet. Here’s why:

  • They have increased their trade show appearance
  • Scherr Crochet became a licensed business
  • These beautiful handmade local Saskatchewan products are now available for retail at Joyne MarketPlace in Saskatoon
  • Scherr Crochet was nominated for Planet S Magazines Best Of Saskatoon

I crochet anything and everything. Although known for my children’s toques, there isn’t much I’m not able to complete just from a photograph. Contact me today and Let me keep you warm! Scherr Crochet – Share the warm and fuzzies. 


Connect with Amanda:

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