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Lynette Harper is a certified baby and toddler Sleep Consultant, and the Owner of Serene Sleep Solutions. Lynette helps moms overcome exhaustion by helping them teach their baby and toddler safe and healthy sleep habits. She helps moms with sleep training their little ones, getting them on an age appropriate schedule, setting up safe and sleep inducing environments. She assists with any bumps in the road that come along to ruin your little one’s sleep (and so much more)!

Lynette also specializes in newborn sleep and helps moms through the first 4 month period by setting up healthy sleep habits so that Moms avoid having to sleep train at a later age. She is passionate about helping Moms get the sleep they need in order to be the best Mom they can be. She understands all too well how hard it can be to raise a happy family, and be a good wife while being sleep deprived – as she was there too!

Lynette offers various packages and consultations, as well as sleep plans and tips! One of the most popular Plans at the moment is the Sleep Easy Plan – perfect for the DIY Mama, or the Mum who needs a little guidance on what initial steps to take when it comes to sleep, or perhaps you’re looking for some tips on how to create a schedule for your little one? Well, then this Plan is for you! Click the button below to view more information and to download the Plan right now.

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“I am a Mom to two fun but crazy kids. I love the outdoors, spending time with family, chocolate (mini eggs specifically) and playing the piano.”

– Lynette Harper (Owner of Serene Sleep Solutions)

If you are currently struggling with your little ones sleep, Lynette offers FREE sleep tips and support in her Facebook group Baby & Toddler Sleep Support for Tired Moms.


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