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We style both women and men for events, headshots, video appearances, family photos, meetings, vacations, and everyday life in between.

Can clothes really change how confident you feel? We believe they can! We understand that not every day is high fashion, so we want to dress you for your lifestyle. We have been independent Clothing Stylists for over a decade now. We are style consultants providing curated styling tips, tricks, and trends to fit our clients’ individual needs.

Coaching with the main goal of helping you become the best version of yourself and we believe that happens from the inside, out. By hiring us, we will help Shift your perspective and mindset, organize your wardrobe to create a space that you LOVE, and help build a confidence in you that is ready to conquer whatever season of life you are in.

We wanted to provide a unique service that involved defining your personal style and wardrobe, while also walking alongside our clients to build their confidence and provide support during hard life transitions like career changes, lifestyle changes, divorce, rebranding, etc. This led us to become certified life coaches! We truly desire to help people become the best version of themselves, and that happens from the inside, out. We believe it is an honor to be on this journey of life with people who allow us into their closets and their personal lives.

Meet the Founders

Lisa Smith and Jennifer Dutilly are both the Co-Founders of Shift.

Lisa is a life transition coach and stylist who knows how to listen, ask thought-provoking questions and help her clients lean into their personal strengths to reach their goals.  She believes that it is important to make yourself a priority in order to move through major transitions.  Her calm, genuine and curious nature provides a safe space for her clients to explore possibilities and solutions. She is a strong accountable partner and loves celebrating milestones with her clients.

Are you going through a major change in your life and don’t have all the tools to navigate through the unexpected feelings associated with this new part of your journey? Jennifer is a life-transition Coach and Stylist who specializes in helping people maneuver through transitions in their life. Her desire is to help clients achieve the best possible results within that change and to look and feel confident so they can be the best version of themselves. Having been through multiple personal life transitions, Jennifer is well qualified to hear your personal story and provide a deep, meaningful impact on the journey of your life.

Our Services

Closet Audit + Digital Closet

Virtual or In-person styling appointments

Capsule Building

On-Call Styling

Special Event Outfit Pairings

Personal Shopping

Style Update and Personal Rebranding

Life Coaching (Goal setting, working through a life transition, career promotion or change, parenting struggles, etc.)

Specializing in Trauma coaching and Divorce coaching

We would love to offer you a free 30-minute consultation to see if Shift Coaching Services can assist you as you journey through life.

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Customer Reviews

“I was being promoted within my company and I really didn’t think how I dressed made a difference. I work in an industry where we change into scrubs when we arrive at work. I just wanted to find my style and have something to wear to a work conference. There were parts of my body I didn’t want to show and long-standing yearnings for accessories I really wanted to try – wearing a tie… that I didn’t feel I had the freedom to do. Jenn made it so normal, non-judgmental, and easy to find comfortable clothes. She had a way of helping me come to my own conclusions and discover what I wanted, as well as let go of nagging items I really didn’t want but felt like I “should” want. She gave me a space to express all that without batting an eye. And the best part is that her influence on my style continues to unfold and grow. The 7 minutes daily that my team and colleagues now see me dressed nicely, before and after we change our scrubs, has made a shift in how I show up to them as a leader. The shift is happening in me and setting me up for success in my new role.”

– Dr. Kari Johnson, DVM

“Over the past few years, I have personally gone through some major life transitions – ending my long-term relationship, new job, and re-entering the social scene.  My go-to outfit was either a flair dress with leggings or workout outfits.  Jennifer graciously came alongside me, at the beginning of these transitions, and began coaching me on how I could style myself better for success.  Since Jennifer has been my stylist, she has helped me elevate and shift my mentality for each situation. Now, with Jennifer’s guidance, I now choose outfits that give me the courage to face each opportunity with confidence.  I now know I walk into any situation with quiet strength because of Jennifer’s styling wisdom.”

Darci Hanley, Logistics & Operations Specialist

“I’ve always believed myself to be on point with trends, until a certain point in motherhood where I just shopped and dressed wherever it was easy and quick!  Luckily, Jennifer has the ability to support your vision and needs, and helps you accomplish this with her guidance and clothes that all work well together!  The idea of a capsule wardrobe is genius and I am so grateful she is helping me build mine! The wisdom and guidance that she provides with her role in being my Life Coach are unmatched.  Whether you think you have it figured out or feel completely at a loss, she helps you build confidence and insight into an amazing way of hearing her client’s needs and desires – and knows just how to help.”

Janelle Kinght, Assistant Recruiter

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