The Ask Mum HUB

Together, we can go further faster… and have a whole lot of fun doing so!

We know what it’s like to juggle motherhood and business. There are often so many balls in the air at the same time. We believe that surrounding ourselves with like-minded women not only makes the journey easier, more fulfilling, and impactful… but also just more FUN!

Raising babies & businesses ✨
We help Moms in Business find their village while learning tools & strategies along the way. Our brand-new Community for Mom Entrepreneurs has just launched – the Ask Mum HUB (follow us here if you aren’t already).

What’s included?

  • A PRIVATE COMMUNITY with 24/7 365 access.
  • Virtual Networking Events with other Mom Entrepreneurs every month.
  • Co-working & Office Hours every month.
  • Business Brainstorm Events every month.
  • Guest Speaker Events.
  • Peer training Events.
  • Voxer Accountability groups.
  • VIP ACCESS to our in-person events and RETREATS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join this community?

This community is open to all Moms across North America – with a focus on entrepreneurship. There is no age limit. Moms who are expecting their first baby, moms with babies, and moms with teenagers and empty nesters are ALL WELCOME!

What if I don’t own my own business?

If you are thinking of starting your own business, or if you want to surround yourself with moms who want MORE out of life, you’re in the right place! Owning your own business is not a requirement to join this community, but the majority of our conversations will be about business and juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship. We have working moms in our community too!

Is there a time period commitment to be a member of this community?

No. Many communities require a one-year commitment. We want you to have the freedom to leave if/ when you want to. But please be aware that we only open the doors to join this community at set times of the year.

What does it cost?

The monthly membership is $USD 39.99 – cancel anytime (no time period commitment but please know that doors are only open to join at certain times of the year).

If you’ve been looking for:

… and you are a Mom in business, an aspiring mom entrepreneur, or a working Mom who lives anywhere in the USA or Canada – > The Ask Mum HUB might be a great fit for you.

✨Raising babies & businesses, a community for Moms in Business across North America.

We are so excited to link arms with so many amazing women who have already said YES to MORE in 2022. They want to launch or grow businesses and we are here for it all!

We are saving a seat for you.

Doors are now open to join the Ask Mum HUB!

We only accept new applications at certain times throughout the year.

Meet your hosts

Meet the Ask Mum Founder, Mandi Leigh Berghorst. Mandi believes in the power of community and has spent the last three years growing the Ask Mum community, both in Canada and the USA, and has brought hundreds of moms together for events.

Mandi is a Wife, a Mom to two kiddos, and an adventurer and lover of life! She prefers experiences over things and feels so incredibly blessed to be able to grow her business while staying home with her kids.

She was born and raised in South Africa and has since lived in Canada and the USA. Mandi and her family recently left Denver, Colorado to start a new adventure in Toronto, Canada. She has years of experience in marketing, strategy, and growing businesses, and she loves linking arms with other female founders who want to grow and connect!

Mandi has a Degree in Business Management & Marketing and she loves consulting and working with Mom Entrepreneurs to build and grow dream businesses that are not only thriving financially but also businesses that fit into your motherhood and life, businesses that feel good and are impacting others… and businesses that help you achieve an aligned life!

Meet Chelsea! She loves helping women, like you, move from chaos to connection and seeing their innate strengths and the strengths of those around them. This provides better connections, collaborations, and teamwork both at home and in their workplace.

Chelsea has an Undergraduate Degree in Human Services and Sociology, and A Masters Degree in Social Work. She has worked with families, adults, kids, & adolescents for over 10 years in the schools and in her coaching business consulting with businesses on professional growth, team development, and helping companies to work through their strengths to improve.

She is a Wife and a Mom to two kids. Her family lives in the beautiful state of Colorado. They enjoy travel, meeting new people, and being outdoors!

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