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Is it just me, or are there a ton of Mamas struggling with their teething babes at the moment? I totally feel your pain, and see you nestled with your baby in your arms trying to think of the next way to soothe your little one. We are in this phase at the moment. Even though my little man only has two teeth, it feels like he’s been teething for years. Slight exaggeration, but you get the drift.


We are currently on vacation and I wanted to focus on two products today, which have helped us with our travelling little teether on flights and on the go. Because let’s face it, travelling with small humans is tough enough without a teething monster 😉


Mama Keychains by The Little Em

Introducing The Mama Keychain

This beautiful product has two purposes – it’s both for the Mum and for the babe. It’s perfect to attach your keys to (which let’s be honest, we are always losing and need to find in a rush while loading the baby in the car in -40 Saskatoon temperatures), or put some emergency cash inside or even a small lip gloss. It’s not just that though, I have found that my little one absolutely loves the tassels on this keychain purse, and chews on the beads as a teether too. Win win! 🙂 I have mine attached to my diaper bag and it’s been really useful while travelling – a great distraction too!



The Classic Soother Clip & The Mini Clip

We have been testing out the classic soother clip as my little boy loves his soother, and it’s been a real win for us. Again, he loves to bite the beads and he really gets stuck in and it seems to soothe his pain. He helps himself to his soother and is just a happier little guy. It’s also been an amazing help having the clip attached to him while carrying him onto the plane or taking him in and out his stroller through airport security, and not having to worry that his soother drops on the floor and has to be replaced. The Little Em launches a smaller version of this clip this week – introducing the Mini clip. We are very excited for this as the cute colours available are next level amazing, and I would actually prefer a smaller length soother clip as the only negative to the classic clip in my opinion, is that sometimes it hangs a bit too low when you are carrying your baby and can get in the way a bit. The Mini clip solves this problem!

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The Little Em is a local Saskatoon based business which has been running for two and a half years. They sell handmade all natural teething accessories, with a modern and fun design.

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