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Jackie is an entrepreneur at heart. She runs multiple companies, including an environmental consulting company, a residential development company and a safety company. She is also a wife and a mother to two young girls. She is passionate about spending time with her family at their lakeside cabin that they built together and can be found there most weekends throughout the year. 

“More recently, I started a company for girls, called TinySpark Boutique. We launched in December! As the Mom of two girls, it broke my heart to watch their confidence dwindle as they hit school age. And I wanted to do something about it. At TinySpark Boutique, we want to help you support her self confidence. So that she believes she can do anything. So she’ll be safe, have a happy life, and find a career that will allow her to achieve whatever she dreams of. When you shop at TinySpark Boutique, you’re not just buying more stuff. You’re gifting her small, daily reminders that’ll help boost her confidence, even when you’re not there.”

– Jackie Martin (Founder of TinySpark Boutique)

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The TinySpark Boutique online shop includes truly unique gifts for your little girl (and now for boys, teens and the mamas too!). Here is a glimpse into what you can expect when browsing through these must-haves over at www.tinysparkboutique.com.

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