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Who doesn’t love a clean home? I don’t know about you, but when my house is chaotic, so is my mind. It actually freaks me out. I am not a neat-freak at all (I don’t mind mess for a time), but dirt really gets to me. If I haven’t had a chance to vacuum, mop, deep clean my bathrooms and kitchen – I get itchy! Anyone else?

My husband has been away a lot lately, and it’s definitely taken its toll on all of us. I have struggled to find energy and time to deep clean anything. Yes, the basic cleaning gets done but the real nitty gritty cleaning is often ignored. I needed help to declutter my mind, and thought getting someone in to assist with some cleaning may help.

It’s my second time trying out a cleaning agency since being in Saskatoon. From the booking process to the end result – all the communication, customer service and CLEANING was WOW. Two cleaners arrived, which shocked me as I assumed one cleaner would be allocated to my home. We left them alone and headed to the park for a bit where I got to hang out with my kids and not have to worry about all the chores I would need to do when we returned home. That’s a huge win!

In just only two hours, they managed to deep clean my kitchen, 3 bathrooms, wipe down all surfaces and baseboards in the entire house, place items in their correct place and do general cleaning and sorting, vacuumed everywhere, and mopped the living area! They made my bed (I’m a 50-50 make bed / leave bed kind of gal), they straightened up our living area and arranged my scatter cushions and blankets in a fun, unique way which I am totally in love with. Everything smelt so good and it just felt so calm and peaceful when we arrived home – like it was less chaotic already.


The cleaners were so friendly and so sweet to my kids. I loved the finishing touches of the team bringing in some freshly cut flowers and putting them in a vase for me – so thoughtful and it really shows that they go the extra mile!



Go2Girls prides themselves on being your One-Stop-Shop in Saskatoon. They cover everything from house cleaning and home staging, through to interior decorating! They aim to always put their customers first and ensure that a positive experience is had by all, because they truly believe that we (as customers) are worth it. They have an experienced team who are passionate about what they do – from house cleaning to staging your home for a sale.

At Go2Girls they do things differently – they go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. They are a family owned company that launched right here in Saskatoon, providing services to Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. They are licensed, bonded and insured so you can feel comfortable in hiring them to make your home sparkle.

At Go2Girls Inc., their motto is “Every customer is a reference every time” and all I can say is, I will be recommending this YXE local business to anyone that will listen. Mama, if you are looking to get a little help with your home so that you can spend time with your family, make memories, and feel calmer and happier and more organized – why not try out the Go2Girls Inc. team? I have a little feeling that you won’t be disappointed!


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*Thank you to our friend Yessenia (@theblockfarmhouse) for sharing about your experiences with this amazing YXE local business, as it was your referral that made us contact them.

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