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At We Move SK, we are not just a fitness studio. We are a place to learn music, to try dance, to make friends, to learn about our bodies and our health, and most importantly… to be part of a community. ‘We Move’ is a simple name, but it covers the complexity of what our studio believes in. Inclusion, growth and community! There is something for everybody here.

Meet Kelly

Kelly is Mom to two littles and the Owner of We Move SK.

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“I got very bored working out on treadmills and typical gym equipment, which lead me to have no motivation to work out at a gym. I knew I could not be the only one, so I took a Zumba® training while on vacation from my dance career, dancing on Royal Caribbean Cruise ships. After teaching a few classes I knew this could be a great transition from the dance world to fitness. Since then every training, certification, or course has come from my continuous desire to learn, teach, and help others. I teach because I love it!  I love inspiring others and being a positive influence (does not matter how big or small). ”

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What does We Move SK offer?

A variety of Adult Classes

Adult Dance, Conditioning, K08, Pound®, Zumba®, Zumba® Gold Older Adults, Zumba® Toning, Kettlebell, Stretch, Yoga, Yin Yang Yoga. For more Information: https://wemovesk.com/adult-fitness-classes/

Pre & Postnatal Classes

Prenatal Yoga, Work Out With Me! Prenatal, Move With Me! Postnatal, Postnatal Support Group, Work Out With Me! Postnatal, Yoga With Me!, Stretch With Me! For More Information: https://wemovesk.com/pre-postnatal-classes/

Unlimited Fitness Class Pass

Includes: Pre & Postnatal as well as all Adult Fitness classes. 39 weeks of classes, monthly investment. For more information: https://wemovesk.com/adult-fitness-classes/unlimited-adult-fitness-classes/


Kids Classes

Music Together®, Toddler Kinder Acro, Kinder Acro, Ballet/Jazz Combo, Ballet/Jazz Level 1, Ballet/Jazz Level 2, Beginner Hip-Hop, Acro Kids, Ballet/Jazz Level 3, Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop Teen, Teen AcroYoga. For more information: https://wemovesk.com/dance-classes/

Birthday Parties

There are unique event opportunities for every age group. For more information on how We Move can help you host your little the perfect party: https://wemovesk.com/birthday-parties/


Connect with We Move SK

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