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About WeeSleep

WeeSleep consultants like myself, provide programs to help you and your family live rested. With personalized and professional support to help children become independent sleepers with one-on-one coaching and gentle techniques.

Meet your Consultant, Natalie!

My name is Natalie Moran, I am a proud mom of two beautiful kids and will soon be a wife to the love of my life. I have two very rewarding careers, one as a Paramedic working throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and another as a WeeSleep Paediatric Sleep Consultant. I have taken on this opportunity to help families when they need it most as I know the struggle of sleep deprivation first hand. I provide a solution to get your sleep back on track so you can live your most productive, healthy lives. The gift of sleep also allows parents to be more present for their families and work instead of struggling through each day exhausted. 

Natalie is so passionate about educating and supporting families, in hopes that they would rest well and live a full life. We Take Sleep Seriously. When They Sleep, You Sleep! 

Natalie offers FREE 15 minute consultations to discuss your challenges, and options when it comes to your little’s sleep. To book your call, click here.

Connect with Natalie

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Jacki C. shares her experience using Natalie’s services:

I used the Rescue Me program with my daughter Fiona when she was 9 months old. I had been travelling with her frequently and she stopped sleeping anywhere other than her car seat. She would not let me lay her in her crib or next to me in bed, and she would just cry and cry. It was heartbreaking, frustrating and even dangerous as I would just breastfeed her and rock her in her car seat throughout the night. I tried another program (one without a coach) that worked for my son, but it just didn’t work for Fiona and I didn’t know what to do next. I saw Jillian Harris did WeeSleep so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it since you’re actually working with a coach and I would have support. I followed the program closely and started to see success within a few days! I think it was really important to have someone there to walk me through it, as I seemed to have questions every day and she gave me tips and guidance through the process. I tracked everything for those 10 days and submitted it to her, and she would give me feedback on what could be changed or how to improve. I hated hearing her wake up and cry in the night, and now she goes to bed safely in her crib smiling and wakes up happy, too! I think sleep is so important for babies, and she just wasn’t sleeping enough at night or during her naps. It also helped with her transition to daycare when I went back to work, as I knew she was a good sleeper and would get enough rest at naptime.

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