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Wildernook Fresh Air Learning helps get people outdoors and hooked on nature.  We offer seasonal nature programming, consulting services and, in 2020 a children’s cycle tour along the South Saskatchewan riverbank!

Wildernook is our education learning lab for designing innovative learning experiences such as Nature Grandparenting, Nature Baby and Nature Playcare.  Our educators are experts in the field of outdoor experiential education. Our training includes Wilderness First Aid, Forest School Practitioner, Canoe Instructor, and Bachelor of Education and Science degrees. We also provide facilitation and outdoor education consulting services to local organizations such as Ducks Unlimited Canada, the City of Saskatoon, and SaskOutdoors.

Meet the Founder

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Hi, I’m Claire Miller, Founder of Wildernook Fresh Air Learning. The birth of our son and the time I took off teaching to spend with him was an incredible gift in my life. He helped me realize my dream job doesn’t exist on a job board. It’s in doing the everyday work of reconnecting people to the land where they live. I founded Wildernook in 2017 with the Nature Grandparenting Program and we have been growing our programs and staffing each year since.

I bring 15 years of experience as an experiential educator to my work designing and implementing innovative nature experiences. Favourite roles in my learning journey include facilitating the Certificate in Ecological Education program at the U of S, teaching in the Saskatoon Public Schools’ Ecoquest and Outdoor School programs and developing the Swale Education Program at Sylvia Fedoruk School. My formal education includes a B.A. in English, B.Ed in Outdoor Experiential Education, Masters in Environmental Studies and certificates in Ecological Education and Sustainability Education. I’m a lifelong learner, a playful parent and an advocate for experiential education and nature connection.

Our Programs: 

1. Nature Playcare

Is your pre-school aged child craving outdoor adventure? Nature Playcare is an outdoor play experience which follows the Forest School approach to early childhood education (our lead educator is a trained Forest School Educator!).

Each session provides young children with an opportunity to immerse themselves in play-based learning in a natural environment. The Nature Playcare experience promotes respect for our natural environment and a sense of well-being in nature. Parents can expect an age-appropriate nature experience, which is designed to foster the development of each child’s resiliency, confidence, creativity, imagination, and independence.

2. Nature Baby

There is no such thing as “too young” when it comes to developing a sense of comfort with and attachment to the natural world. The Nature Baby program engages both adult and baby in a new learning experience each week. The babies will enjoy a variety of seasonal sensory experiences and visit biodiverse settings. Caregivers (grandparents, aunts, uncles and other caregivers welcome!), will develop their nature mentorship skills through the process.

3. Nature Grandparenting

Many grandparents are in an ideal position to act as a nature mentor in the lives of their grandchildren. The Nature Grandparenting program is designed for grandparents to experience nature with their 3 – 5 year old grandchild. Practical ideas and age-appropriate activities shared each week, grandparents will have fun weaving a connection to nature into the special relationship they have with their grandchild.

4. Nature Tots

Waving fingers through reeds, gathering cones and tucking into secret spots— Nature Tots provides a joyful opportunity for caregivers and tots to explore and nurture their sense of wonder together. Nature Tots includes playing with natural materials, walking to visit different nooks within the park, playing simple nature games and singing nature songs.

The Nature Tots program engages both adult and child (ages: walking – 36 months) in a variety of seasonal sensory experiences in Saskatoon’s beautiful and biodiverse naturalized parks. Caregivers (grandparents, aunts, uncles and other caregivers welcome!), will develop their nature mentorship skills through the process.

5. Snowlandia: Winter Adventure Week!

Leap on snowshoes, search for life under the snow, develop leadership skills and make outdoorsy friends. Snowlandia is designed for young women ages 10 – 12  who crave more outdoor time exploring and connecting with nature.  Snowlandia is an exciting opportunity for young women to challenge themselves outdoors during the winter break.

Each day features a different winter adventure such as learning to stay warm and dry, building a small warming fire, preventative first aid, kicksledding, skiing and snowshoeing. Although we will begin and end each day bundled up outdoors, participants can expect to spend a couple of cozy low-key, down-time hours indoors around noon eating, reading, and drying out our mitts.


Wildernook’s educators are available to:

  • Lead professional development workshops
  • Coach educators on outdoor facilitation and risk management
  • Design and facilitate custom experiences and programs
  • Develop outdoor and experiential education resources
  • Host an outdoor experience or event
  • Create outdoor education content for publication

Connect with Wildernook

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