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Introducing Donald Physiotherapy. At Donald Physiotherapy you can expect a friendly welcome, and exceptional family focused care. The clinic opened in 2014 and was a welcomed addition to the Stonebridge community. Physiotherapy, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, Gokavi Transverse Technique of Dry Needling, Strength and Conditioning are some of the services offered at Donald Physiotherapy.

What can moms do to prepare for birth when it comes to pelvic health?

Pregnancy is a journey. Whether it is your first pregnancy or your 5th, your pelvic health is an important aspect to be considered.

For first time pregnant moms, a prenatal pelvic health assessment can be invaluable.  There is so much unknown for first time moms, as experience is truly everything. However, having not been through Labour and Delivery yet, doesn’t mean your body isn’t preparing for the arrival of the new little one!

A pelvic health assessment during the prenatal stage will address many aspects of pelvic health as preparing for birth. This includes:

  • Education
  • Function
  • Preparing for Labour and Delivery and 
  • Quality of life

This can include:

  • Learning about the pelvic floor anatomy, muscles, and its function for things including labour and delivery, 
  • An evaluation of the pelvic floor to determine its “health”. For example
    • Are the muscles recruiting well?
    • Are the muscles relaxing well?
    • How strong are the muscles? (but this is not always a sign of better function!)
    • Are there areas that need attention to optimize its function?
  • Learning how to connect with your pelvic floor to be able to control both contract/recruit those muscles and optimally relax those muscles.
  • Evaluation of breathing techniques and learning how breathing influences the pelvic floor.
  • As baby grows, the body needs to change to accommodate the growth – and this can lead to discomfort. Finding a position of comfort is especially important to ensure quality of life is maintained.
  • Nearing the arrival of the baby, labour and delivery positions, pain management strategies, and what to expect during the first few weeks postpartum are discussed.

The prenatal stage of your pelvic health is just as important as the postpartum stage! With so much to learn and benefit from, preparation is key.

Early warning signs / when to see a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist during pregnancy, during postpartum?

Whether it is prenatal or postpartum, there are many things to be aware of with regards to pelvic health.

Although things can get busy sometimes, if there is awareness of some issues that a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist can assist with, to improve your overall quality of life, it’s best to keep them in mind.

Some early warning signs can include:

  • Any discomfort including in the lower back, hips, upper back and neck
  • Dribbling/leaking whether at rest, due to an urge to use the washroom, or with a cough, sneeze, laugh, etc
  • Feelings of pressure in the pelvis
  • Pain with voiding, bowel movements, sex,
  • Incomplete feeling of emptying of bowels or bladder
  • Birth trauma including tearing, etc

What are the benefits of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy for moms?

The postpartum period begins the moment a baby arrives in the world – and it never ends.

A postpartum check with a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist is invaluable! The assessment can include:

  • A history of labour and delivery
  • A movement exam to see how the body is doing
  • Assessment of the abdominal wall for weakness or related diastasis rectus abdominis (muscle tearing)
  • Internal examination for muscle tension, function, strength, etc.
  • Education
  • Exercise strategies 

The postpartum check can be done for anyone, whether you have seen a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist before or not!  Occasionally, new moms may not have had a pelvic health exam during their prenatal time, and that is ok!

Having a postpartum Pelvic Health Physiotherapy assessment can:

  • Hasten recovery from birth/pregnancy
  • Prevent future difficulties and manage current difficulties which can impact their lifestyle
  • Empower women to take charge of their health and help them learn about and connect with their bodies
  • Optimize their health and fitness
  • Provide direction/programming/treatment as needed to help them achieve their goals.

Can a Pelvic Health Physiotherapy exam be of benefit even if not newly postpartum?

A pelvic health physiotherapy exam can be of benefit throughout the lifetime! Even if your children are older and possibly “flown the nest”, pelvic health is important! It is never too late to have any concerns addressed. 

Such things as progressing into menopause, or other concerns, including return to activity, can be addressed. It is never too late!

Want more information?

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